The DVD that makes Pre-Trip Memorization Easy!

the easiest way to ace your cdl pre-trip inspection test

Memorization is tough enough! Why not own the advantage you need to make this historically arduous task one of the most enjoyable parts of your journey to becoming a great bus driver? This DVD will give you the added dimension of a consistent set of visual, orderly, chapter-like videos, allowing you to memorize your Pre-Trip easily and at your own speed. It's like having a private instructor at home - available whenever your schedule allows!

And, when you're ready, use the PLAY ALL option to put it all together.  Just play the training DVD through from start to finish as you speak your lines in concert with the audio on the DVD. It's not rocket just works!

Personal or business use

Many school districts provide every possible tool to facilitate your success. Let's face it, they, of all organizations, understand education, training and the learning process. 


Unless you are much more intelligent than I (or just plain enjoy seemingly endless paragraphs of cranial pain), a long series of typed instructions highlighted by a few still photos simply isn't the best way to prepare for your final CDL Pre-Trip Inspection test.

Even still, let's be real. Personally owning this JCLiStudios School Bus CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Memorization DVD means you don't have to wait until another hiree is finished using your district's single copy. Sharing is nice until it means it could stall your progress toward earning an income as a bus driver.

And if you're like the Director of the Office of School Transportation of Indiana, you may find this DVD to be an effective teaching aid in the classroom. For those in the business 


Quantities & Pricing

Whatever the case, take it upon yourself to make your Pre-Trip memorization process one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of becoming a professional! Just choose "Transit" or "Conventional" Style DVD under Quantities & Pricing, depending on what you will be using for your evaluation - WE NOW HAVE BOTH AVAILABLE as of Oct, 2013! If you want a combination of both style DVDs, select the quantity of 3 and tell us, on your order comments, what mix of the two styles you would like.  

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of educating others through formal presentations, we allow for up to two licenses for transfer use on your laptop or other presentational tool.