The DVD that makes Pre-Trip Memorization Easy!

WHO we are and why we're here

We created this web site for one purpose - to help newly hired school bus drivers memorize their Pre-Trip Inspection requirements easily, quickly and accurately.

I've always believed if someone had a better way to teach something to a willing student, he would be obligated to share that secret. The DVD around which this site was developed is the secret. From the front windshield on the exterior to the 4-Point Brake Check on the interior and everything in between, we've got you covered.

a tool of necessity

In 1996 I was hired to become a bus driver. Simple enough, right? Not really! I had no idea about all that would be required of me before I could fly solo. The most daunting challenge was trying to memorize the seemingly thousands of things a test instructor would need to hear spill from memory for the Pre-Trip Inspection once we arrived at the state testing site. 

Because I needed every tool possible to get me through this part of the preparations, I asked if I could lug my old Magnovox camcorder onto the bus lot, hoist it onto my shoulder and video a willing mechanic as he pain-stakingly worked his way around the bus, trying desperately to remember what he may have had to do a decade before. Well, while not entirely thorough, I could plug in my own additions while pausing the tape and found the memorization process to be amazingly easy! What I thought couldn't be done I was able to complete in just a couple of days.

However, my secret was mine! A year later, my business had taken off and I had no time to do what I'd begun to love - driving a school bus and mentoring kids along the way!

Fast forward to the spring of 2010. I was again at a place in my life where I had a schedule that fit bus driving. Unfortunately, because I didn't keep my license current for that 14 year break, I had to start from scratch. And with the newer transit buses, my old Pre-Trip Inspection video had little value. "Ugh!", I thought, "Do I really want to do this again?"

I wishfully assumed there had been a more thorough version of my old video available for me to use, but was disappointed to learn otherwise. These poor new  hires were having to memorize their Pre-Trips from the same scant still photos which highlighted the seemingly endless black ink on more than a dozen pages of word-for-word memorization.

So maybe instead of going out for an inexpensive dinner tonight, invest those funds into your future. The sooner you can pass that Pre-Trip, the sooner you get a paycheck! Just choose "Transit" or "Conventional" Style DVD under Quantities & Pricing, depending on what you will be using for your evaluation - WE NOW HAVE BOTH AVAILABLE as of Oct, 2013!  If you want a combination of both style DVDs, select the quantity of 3 and tell us, on your order comments, what mix of the two styles you would like.

Oh, and make sure you stop by again to tell me your success story. We'll celebrate together! And, we may even post your story on the upcoming Testimonials section of our site.

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Well, I knew what I had to do. But this time I would make it thorough and available to my fellow hires whenever I had time to develop it. Time is a funny thing, but here we are, a year later with a terrific little tool our school district has been using to great success. Jim White, Director of Transportation for Hamilton Southeastern Schools in Fishers, IN said this about our memorization DVD. " Greg's Pre-Trip DVD has quickly become an invaluable training tool for our trainees. It's well thought out, detailed and organized by subject matter. Being able to watch the pre-trip, accompanied by a narrative, enables our students to more easily grasp the material. This, in turn, results in enhanced confidence as they prepare for the CDL evaluation."


So if the joy is in the journey, why not enjoy the trip? You're in the right place to make that happen. Simple. Concise. Thorough. Fun!

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